BA Police Officer Calls Bever Home Bloodiest Scene He's Ever Been To

BA Police Officer Calls Bever Home Bloodiest Scene He's Ever Been To

Jurors in the Michael Bever murder trail saw crime scene photos for the first time Monday. They also heard from a Broken Arrow Police officer who described it as the bloodies scene he's been to in his 15 years on the force.

Michael Bever is accused of murdering his two parents and three siblings - the youngest of whom was just five years old.

Monday, the officer said when he got to the home he saw a pool of blood on the porch and drag marks. He said he could hear someone inside screaming for help and kicked in the door.

He said he saw the surviving sister and said she was covered in so much blood he wasn’t sure she had any left. The officer recalled the conversation he had with the girl when he asked who was responsible.

Officer: "Who did this to you?"
Sister: "My brother."
Officer: "What is your brother's name?"
Sister: "Robert."
Officer: "His name is Robert?"
Sister: "Michael."
Officer: "His name is Robert Michael?"
Sister: "No. Another brother. Michael."
Officers: "Your brothers Robert and Michael?"
Sister: "Yes."

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The officer said he also saw the mother, April Bever, barely moving and covered in blood, and another child not moving.

He said police cleared the house and found the father, David Bever, in a bedroom. They also found a locked bathroom door and when it was opened they found two more children killed.

When they went upstairs, the officer said they found a 1-year-old baby, unharmed.

The officer recalled a conversation he had with Michael Bever once he was in custody.

Michael: "I hope they're okay."
Officer: "You hope who is okay?"
Michael: "The people in the house."
Officer: "Whose house?"
Michael: "Mine."
Officer: "Who are they to you?"
Michael: "My family."

The officer described Michael Bever as stoic and emotionless, but admitted, when questioned by Bever's lawyers, he didn't know Bever and people react differently under stress.

The officer said once he was taking Michael Bever to jail, Michael said, "You guys did a good job. We did not expect you to get here this fast."

Other police officers, firefighters and EMS workers are expected to testify, but, at some point, we expect to hear from Michael Bever himself through his videotaped statement he gave to police.

Last week, the surviving sister testified, saying her brother, Robert, slit her throat and stomach then stabbed her multiple times in the chest, arms and neck.

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She said she tried to scream and run out of the house but collapsed and was dragged back into the home.

The jury also heard a 911 call that came from the home where a child could be heard whispering for help, saying his brother was attacking the family. You could hear the child whisper “please don’t murder me,” before a different voice got on the phone, said “hello” then disconnects.

Robert Bever, who has already pleaded guilty to five counts of first-degree murder, is on the potential witness list.