Top Programs Jenks & Union Square Off In Annual Backyard Bowl

Top Programs Jenks & Union Square Off In Annual Backyard Bowl

There’s less than 24 hours until Jenks and Union square off in this year’s Backyard Bowl. Union looks to remain undefeated on the year and Jenks is hoping to bounce back after their loss to Bixby in week one.

Everyone and anyone that is a fan of Oklahoma high school football has a story or memory of the Backyard Bowl. 

Union defensive lineman Jackson Jennings grew up watching the game at TU’s Chapman Stadium, and now Jennings gets to make his own memory.

"You grow up being around it here, everyone talks about it, coming up here to TU and you are in your youth jersey to see the game," said Jennings. 

Union Head Coach Kirk Fridrich understands that when the two schools face each other, people are paying attention outside the sooner state.

"Outside of Oklahoma, if you said, ‘who is football, who is high school football’ we would like to think we get mentioned and we know Jenks does," said Fridrich. "There are people that don't even go to Union or Jenks that come to the game just to watch because everyone talks about it."

The Trojans shut out Union last year, but this year could be different. Union Tuttle Stadium received a $35 million upgrade, adding close to 10,000 seats, which could play a factor Friday night.

"I think it’s going to be completely different. Last year, not having fans and stuff, it was definitely a little bit harder and even our first two games it’s a little bit louder and the energy was a lot higher. We loved it," said Jennings.

Kick off set for 7:05 p.m. Friday night at Union Tuttle Stadium.