TPD Responds To Claims Made By Rep. Goodwin

TPD Responds To Claims Made By Rep. Goodwin

On January 10, 2019, at 11:37pm, Ms. Venetia Moore was stopped for the traffic violation of failing to have her headlights on while driving at night in the area of 3400 S. Yale Ave. Ms. Moore failed to immediately pull over and continued to drive until she parked her vehicle at her apartment a short distance away.

As the officer approached Ms. Moore’s vehicle she exited the vehicle with her arms full of groceries. The officer instructed her to put the items back in the vehicle that he was conducting a traffic stop on her. Ms. Moore failed to follow the officers request and he believed that she was going to continue her uncooperative behavior. The officer then attempted to hand cuff Ms. Moore, as she was not complying with the initial stop, but she began tensing her arms and trying to pull away. Since the officer was having difficulty controlling Ms. Moore’s arms he chose to take Ms. Moore to the ground. Once on the ground the officer still could not gain the control of Ms. Moore’s arms and hands as she continued to pull them to her chest as she laid face down.

As the officer continually reached under Ms. Moore to continue to try and gain control of her hands Ms. Moore bit the officer’s finger. It was only after other backing officers arrived that they were able to successfully handcuff Ms. Moore.

A use of force report was completed by the officer and found to be within policy. At no time did Ms. Moore, or any person on her behalf, make a complaint to internal affairs regarding this incident.

However, since it was brought to our attention today in Rep. Regina Goodwin’s press conference that she believed this to be  excessive force Chief Jordan has ordered an internal investigation into the incident.

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