Breakdancing: The Next Olympic Sport?

Breakdancing: The Next Olympic Sport?

 Breakdancing is one of four additional sports expected to be included at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris along with surfing, sport climbing and skateboarding.

The list of additions is due to be revealed today, by the local organising committee (OCOG),and must be signed off on by the International Olympic Committee.

Their inclusion would come on top of the 28 sports already on the programme, although the Paris 2024 committee did not confirm the reports.

Breakdancing, an acrobatic style of street dance typically set to hip-hop or funk music, would be making its first appearance in the Olympics, while the three other sports will all be introduced at the 2020 Games in Tokyo.

Karate and baseball/softball, all part of the Tokyo programme, are also candidates, as well as squash and petanque.

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