Man Arrested for Slapping Stepdaughter's 12-Year-Old Bully

Man Arrested for Slapping Stepdaughter's 12-Year-Old Bully
  • While many would consider it commendable to stick up for one's stepdaughter, police say one man in Texas went a little too far.
  • James Olander Peace, of Deer Park, has been arrested for slapping a 12-year-old boy who'd been bullying his stepdaughter. According to the girl's mother, the victim and another student had been teasing her daughter on their way home from school, "saying that her body was ugly [and] that she was a transvestite." When they began throwing ice cream at her, the girl called her stepfather and asked to be picked up.
  • As Peace drove to meet the distraught girl, he saw the accused bullies and confronted them. Deer Park Police Lt. Chris Brown says the boy was "slapped across the face with an open hand," which left "red marks and swelling to his cheek and upper jaw." Surveillance footage showed that Peace threatened to beat the boy up if he told police what had happened, Brown says.
  • Peace has been charged with felony injury to a child.
  • Did the stepdad take things too far, or did the bully deserve a taste of his own medicine? Do you think the incident will make things better or worse for the girl? Should the bully be disciplined?