America's Health Care Advocate

America's Health Care Advocate

“It’s a funny thing about life. If you refuse to accept anything but the very best, you most often get it!”

Cary Hall can’t remember where he first read or heard his adopted personal motto. He just lives it. It sums up the kind of determination that defines him as a businessman and a person. And it’s the reason he’s one of the area’s most successful insurance brokers and radio personalities today.

With his wife Lauren, Cary founded Benefits by Design in 1999, and built it, one client at a time, with a philosophy that if you take care of your client, success will follow. Dedicated to finding affordable health insurance solutions for businesses and individuals, the agency has since grown to include self-funded, partially self-funded and group health insurance as well as Medicare and ACA health insurance.

Through industry ups and downs, Cary’s ability to adapt, improvise and improve has been key to his success.

At a time when other brokers were bailing out of the industry in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, Cary embraced it as an opportunity to amplify the business model that’s served them well since the beginning. The agents at Benefits by Design are an ally in the battleground of frustration that so often accompanies the confusing array of insurance options and policies.

Helping customers navigate and understand their choices – and then advocate for them when challenged with claims issues – is how Benefits by Design can boast an impressive 97 percent customer retention rate.