'I Don't Feel Any Pressure': OSU's Stailee Heard Following Parents Footsteps On The Hardwood

'I Don't Feel Any Pressure': OSU's Stailee Heard Following Parents Footsteps On The Hardwood

The Oklahoma State Cowgirls are relying on a freshman point guard by the name of Stailee Heard.

You may have heard her name before, because the Sapulpa grad was a McDonald's All-American.

Inside an arena is a familiar place for the Heard family. Before they were fans, Tony and Lila Heard met in the late 90's playing basketball at the University of Tulsa.

Their daughter Stailee, is a freshman at OSU creating her own destiny.

"I don't feel any pressure from that. Be me, I feel like nobody can change who am I or how I play," Stailee said.

Her last name is the last thing on her mind when it comes to basketball.

"I get a lot, 'you play like your dad, you play like your dad like a lot' I hear that everywhere and sometimes every now and then I'll get, 'you play like your mom.'," Stailee said.

Not only were her parents players, they were really good. Her dad Tony Heard was the starting point guard for TU's Elite Eight team in 2000. Her mom Lila was a standout player for the Golden Hurricane women during that time.

"We know how hard she worked to get to this point and we know there's more coming, but we're extremely proud of what she's accomplished so far," Tony Heard said.

Lila Heard added, "It's probably one of the best parts, she gets her family every gameday. She gets a crowd full of people. We'll be in the store in Walmart and see #32 shirts. It's a lot of fun and it's an awesome feeling."

Stailee has started every game this season as a freshman, which is difficult to do at the Division 1 level.

"Stailee Heard is just, a really special person first of all. Everything you see coming out of her game, is really just who she is inside and that's a person who's selfless and that's a person who has an elite work ethic," OSU head coach Jacie Hoyt.

She carries the legacy of those five letters while creating her own too.

"Just following in their footsteps. Make my own story and enjoy my own journey and I am," Stailee said.