Lock The Clock: Lawmakers Look To Put An End To Daylight Saving Time

Lock The Clock: Lawmakers Look To Put An End To Daylight Saving Time

Many people are feeling sleep deprived after this weekend's time change. In Oklahoma, we "sprung forward" and lost an hour of sleep. State lawmakers have renewed a push to put an end to the seasonal shift brought about by Daylight Saving Time.

The bill moving through the Senate would eliminate the bi-annual time changes, pending federal approval. Oklahoma Senator James Lankford is co-sponsoring a bill with Senator Marco Rubio of Florida to keep the U.S. on a single time permanently.

This bill is all dependent on the “Sunshine Protection Act” passing on the federal level, which would allow states to decide whether or not they want to observe daylight saving time year-round.

The author of SB1200, Senator Blake Stephens, says 19 other states have already passed legislation to "lock the clock" and he’s hoping the passage of his bill will put some pressure on congress to pass that Sunshine Protection Act.

The Senate bill passed off the floor today with a vote of 37-9. It will now move over to the House for consideration.

A similar measure was stalled in the state house that would stop the time change switching to permanent standard time. The author says he will keep pushing to get that legislation across the finishing line.