Changes Coming To Tulsa Drillers Postgame Fireworks Show For 2024 Season

Changes Coming To Tulsa Drillers Postgame Fireworks Show For 2024 Season

With the first Tulsa Drillers Friday night home game come the fireworks both on and off the field, but due to recent changes, the Drillers have had to make some changes to where they shoot off fireworks.

The Drillers plan to hold more fireworks shows after games this year than in years past, with a total of 24 scheduled for this season. For anyone at a game where fireworks are scheduled to go off, they will find that they have to move to the outside of the foul poles closer to the stands.

The Drillers used to shoot off fireworks from empty lots downtown near the field, but as downtown has grown and more buildings were developed, the Drillers moved the fireworks around. 

Drillers general manager Mike Melega said for the last few seasons, those fireworks shows have taken place in centerfield, and was done to make sure fans and buildings are at a far enough distance away from the show so no one gets hurt.

"That distance goes in all directions from where we are shooting them, which includes backwards towards the street," Melega said. "For every fireworks show we close off North Elgin Avenue between Reconciliation Way and East Archer Street, and we close off Archer between Elgin and North Greenwood Avenue."

Melega also said they ensure no pedestrians are on those streets before the fireworks begin.

The Drillers said they work closely with the city's police department and the fire marshal, because the city has many rules when it comes to shooting off fireworks.

"The city of Tulsa has a lot of rules for fireworks," Melega said. "I mean obviously we’re following those, and the fire marshals are here at every game, so they work with our team."