'Really Excited:' OU Softball Soaks In The Win, Looking Foward To What's Next

'Really Excited:' OU Softball Soaks In The Win, Looking Foward To What's Next

People may have doubted the OU softball team this year. But now, four straight National Championships make Head Coach Patty Gasso and her team a historic dynasty in the softball history books.

Friday was all about soaking in the win. The core five seniors, Jayda Coleman, Tiare Jennings, Nicole May Kinzie Hansen, and Riley Boone, have never lost a national title game. But as many leave, Coach Gasso says she’s back next year to coach and rebuild another great team.

The former OSU pitcher was in crimson and cream and struck out 27 batters to help the Sooners take home the title.

“I received a lot of hate and a lot of doubt, but I am thankful for these girls and this team and staff to pick me up and have my back,” said OU Pitcher Kelly Maxwell.

After one last college win for Maxwell, she isn’t done pitching, the same as Hansen, Jennings, and Coleman, as they all plan to play internationally this summer.

“Olympics, Pro, marriage. There are a lot of things coming their way, and I am really excited for them,” said Coach Gasso.

The Sooners already looking to the next leaders’ juniors Cydney Sanders and sophomore Avery Hodge made big plays last night. “We have some outstanding future Sooners on their way. So, I am going to be coaching again, and I am going to rebuild this program,” said Coach Gasso.

But before they can hit the mound for that season, they are enjoying the historic accomplishment at a place they know best, Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill.

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Fans will have the chance to celebrate this win with the team at Love's Field on Saturday night. Click here for details.